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How To Pull Off A Creative, Memorable Proposal

On a Walk Proposal
February 09th, 2019

How To Pull Off A Creative, Memorable Proposal

It’s clear. You can’t live without your partner, and you want to solidify the relationship. Now comes the part where you propose! You want to surprise your partner, make the event as romantic as possible and create a memory worthy of a fairy tale. How do you do that?

The first place to start, of course, is with the engagement ring. See our blog post “Four Tips for Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring” to help you decide on what ring to buy. What comes next, the proposal, should be planned around the intimacies of your relationship and personalities. Only you know your partner well enough to guess what elements you can include in your proposal adventure that will be sure to surprise, awe and nail the desired assent. But if you need some inspiration, we have a few ideas that might spark your imagination.


Something in the human psyche makes people, even strangers, love to participate in marriage proposals. Does your partner love roller coasters and Ferris wheels? You know how the parks photograph riders so they can sell you an expensive picture of your fun? Why not invite your friends and family to join you for a day at a theme park? Then secretly give them each pieces of a “Will You Marry Me?” sign and take their places behind you in the roller coaster car. Per your instruction, at the photo finish line, they display the sign. You talk your partner into allowing you to shell out for the picture of that ride. As your partner reviews the photo, you drop to your knee with the ring and the rest is history.

A Ferris wheel gambit would have your friends, or strangers you recruit, on the ground with a banner so your partner spies it as you gently rotate over the top. Be sure to be kissing romantically for some cute photos.


If you’re a person of letters, you might like to write a few poems or short vignettes about your partner and your love. Write the first as a paean to your initial meeting, the second to your falling in love, and so forth. Craft the final piece as the proposal question. Then engage your neighborhood printer as a co-conspirator. Have your special poetry or story bound in a lovely little book with the ring attached to or embedded in the back cover. Be prepared for a lot of waterworks with this method, so have a hanky handy.

Walk Proposal


Proposals in natural settings could hardly be more romantic. You can have friends, family and photographers waiting at the end of your planned journey with a small banquet ready. Along the way, place mementos of your time together marking milestones in your relationship. Your partner may start wising up to the event along the way, so make the final presentation of the ring as unforgettable as possible. Perhaps, a member of the waiting party could meet you near the end of the path with an adorable dog wearing a special vest with the ring mounted on top.

Enlist your crew to help you plan and execute your perfect proposal and be sure to have that beautiful engagement ring from Worthington Jewelers at the ready. Your partner will be sure to say, “Yes!”

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