Ideal Diamond Collection

Worthington Jewelers is proud to introduce our Ideal Collection of round brilliant, cushion and princess cut diamonds. Cut with unprecedented precision, our Ideal Collection diamonds are the closest gems come to perfection.

Ideal Collection diamonds carry certifications from the Gemological Institute of America or the American Gem Society – the two most respected gemological laboratories.

The Kneel™ Diamond:  A Cut Above in Round Brilliant Diamonds

Three factors determine cut quality:  proportions, polish and symmetry. Certified as an AGS Ideal Cut, each Kneel™ Diamond rates a perfect score on all three, making it one of the most perfectly cut diamonds on earth. Only one in four GIA ideal cut diamonds qualifies as an AGS Ideal Cut.

The Fire Cushion:  Cut for Maximum Brilliance

Graded as a GIA cushion brilliant (not modified brilliant), our Fire Cushion faces up at least 15 percent larger than a traditional cushion. Facets go directly from girdle to culet, eliminating extra belly and excess weight.

With excellent polish and symmetry, Fire Cushions display an incredible 95 percent light return. They’re the most perfect alternative to a round diamond.

Fewer than one of every 1,000 cushions worldwide becomes certified Excellent, Excellent Cushion Brilliant by GIA.

The Fire Princess: 18 Percent More Light Return

Our Fire Princess diamonds consistently rival an Ideal Round in brilliance- with an outstanding 98 percent average light return. This compares to only 80 percent in standard princess cuts.

A higher crown and smaller table create greater fire and brilliance. Our Fire Princess diamonds also face up about 10 percent larger. A shallower depth means you’re not paying for weight you can’t see.

We invite you to eye-test our Ideal Collection Diamonds. Come discover why they deliver greater sparkle, brilliance and value per carat.