Learning about ring settings is an essential first step to choosing the perfect engagement ring for that special someone. While the center gemstone itself will undoubtedly be the focal point of the ring, the style and setting are just as important. Read on to discover more about the most popular settings.

Choosing the Right Style for Your Bride-to-Be

When selecting the style that your significant other will love, it is important to consider her personal style. If she loves all things glam, a show-stopper with a large central diamond, like a solitaire or halo setting, will wow her. If her style is more sporty and casual, she’ll likely prefer something simpler, like a full or half-bezel setting. Vintage styles are great for ladies who love classic, romantic looks. If you are unsure what she would prefer, you can always opt to purchase a diamond on its own, and then include her in the design process so that she gets exactly what she wants. You can use a simple presentation setting to pop the question.

Solitaire Setting

This classic style keeps the band simple, allowing the diamond to be the star. The diamond is typically raised up from the band. Keep in mind the proportion of the band, as it can help show off the size of your center stone.

Vintage Setting

This type of setting has been growing in popularity in recent years and gives the ring an old world feel. The band typically features intricate detail work for a look that is both beautiful and unique. Vintage looks vary widely, with many taking inspiration from Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau or Art Deco time periods of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Sidestone Setting

When a single diamond just isn’t enough, this is the perfect style for you. It features a single large diamond in the center with smaller stones on either side. The complementary stones on the sides add to the luster of the ring.

Popular Ring Settings - Click Here to Download a Diamond Ring Style Guide

Halo Setting

In this style, the central diamond is surrounded by a ring of smaller diamonds, making the main stone look even larger than it is. The circle of diamonds adds to the overall sparkle of the ring as well.

Pave Setting

With this style, the ring features many small stones set directly into the band. Pave settings can be used to highlight a center stone or alone in a wedding band.

Bar Setting

With this style, a series of diamonds are set in a row along the band. This style typically features about five stones, depending on their size. This is a good in-between style that is not overly luxurious but not too casual either.

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