Custom Jewelry, Designed Just For You

At Worthington Jewelers, your jewelry selection is limited only by your imagination, thanks to our custom jewelry design process. From choosing your gemstones to casting your custom jewelry piece, our designers and goldsmiths are on-site to help you bring your idea to life. There’s no project too big or too small.

We can even transform your old, outmoded or broken jewelry into new creations you’ll wear again and again.

Whatever your vision, it’s our goal to see that you leave with one-of-a-kind jewelry to cherish for a lifetime – and beyond. We’re here to help you create:

  • One-of-a-kind engagement rings
  • Custom wedding rings to match any engagement ring
  • Handcrafted birthstone and mother’s jewelry
  • Custom rings, pendants, earrings and more

See below for an overview of our custom jewelry process. And please give us a call at 614-430-8800 or stop by our store at 692 High Street in downtown Worthington if you have any questions. We’re standing by to turn your dreams into reality.

WJ-Custom-Jewelry-ConsultStep One: Design Consultation

It all begins with a free consultation with our designers. Working with your ideas, style and budget in mind, we’ll guide you through the wide selection of precious metals, diamonds and colored gemstones available to turn you dream into a cherished heirloom.

WJ-Custom-Jewelry-SketchStep Two: Final Drawing

At the end of the consultation, you’ll approve a final drawing that details the exact metals and gemstones to be used in your custom, handcrafted jewelry.

WJ-Custom-Jewelry-WaxStep Three: Wax Creation

With an approved sketch in hand our goldsmiths begin the delicate process of carving a wax prototype to scale. This three-dimensional model allows you to see the size and shape of the finished piece of jewelry.

WJ-Custom-Jewelry-Polishing-EarringStep Four: Casting and Polishing

After you have examined and approved the wax model, we cast your custom jewelry piece in your metal of choice – 14k or 18k gold, platinum, palladium or sterling silver. During casting, the wax model is placed in a casting medium. Molten metal replaces the wax model, creating a piece of jewelry with the exact dimensions and characteristics of the model.

WJ-Custom-Jewelry-StoneStep Five: Stone Setting

Our goldsmiths carefully set each gemstone by hand. Depending on the number of stones, this may be the shortest or longest step in the custom jewelry design process.

WJ-Custom-Jewelry-FinalStep Six: Finishing Touches

After a thorough cleaning to bring out the sparkle of the stones and the luster of the metal, your custom jewelry piece is ready for you to pick up and enjoy.